All I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Christmas - A Gymnast Wish

Did you know that the most asked for gift for a gymnast from Santa is gymnastics bars. Yes, the most expensive piece of home gymnastics equipment just happens to be your gymnast's dream gift for Christmas.  No doubt gymnastics bars for the home are a good investment.  It is amazing how fast gymnast skills improve on their own home gymnastics equipment.  It is also a time and money saver as you will be spending less time at the gym.  So, is it worth it.  I say yes. 

A funny story - I overheard my daughter talking to her friend.  My daughter's friend tells her she wants gymnastics bars for Christmas.  My daughter says to her friend, "I don't think Santa knows what gymnastics bars are because I asked for bars last Christmas and I didn't get them."

Well, my daughter did end up getting her gymnastics bars from Santa this past Christmas.  The joy on her face was priceless.  Dreams do come true on Christmas!

Balance Beam for the Home

 Balance Beam for Home Training - Takes it to the Next Level!

The Balance Beam is usually the 1st piece of gymnastics equipment that parents buy for their young gymnasts.

Practicing at home on your own balance beam is the best way to improve and work on new skills.  Parents are often surprised at how fast gymnasts skills improve and gymnast's goals are attained.  Like anything, the more you practice, the better you get. The balance beam is a great investment and a great addition to any home gym.

Types of Balance Beams
There are several types of Balance Beams.
Foam or Wood Folding Balance Beams Low Balance BeamsHigh Balance Beams
Folding Balance Beam The folding balance beam is often made of foam or wood with a vinyl or suede covering. The folding balance beam is 8 ft long and folds to 4 ft.  It is only a couple of inches off the ground and is perfect for beginner to intermediate gymnasts.  This balance beam is great for small spaces because it folds easily for storage.  The folding ba…

Purchasing a Gymnastics Bar - 3 Things to Look For

How to Purchase a Gymnastics Bar and What to Look For