Balance Beam for the Home

 Balance Beam for Home Training - Takes it to the Next Level!

The Balance Beam is usually the 1st piece of gymnastics equipment that parents buy for their young gymnasts.

Practicing at home on your own balance beam is the best way to improve and work on new skills.  Parents are often surprised at how fast gymnasts skills improve and gymnast's goals are attained.  Like anything, the more you practice, the better you get. The balance beam is a great investment and a great addition to any home gym.

Types of Balance Beams
There are several types of Balance Beams.
  1. Foam or Wood Folding Balance Beams
  2. Low Balance Beams
  3. High Balance Beams

Folding Balance Beam
The folding balance beam is often made of foam or wood with a vinyl or suede covering. The folding balance beam is 8 ft long and folds to 4 ft.  It is only a couple of inches off the ground and is perfect for beginner to intermediate gymnasts.  This balance beam is great for small spaces because it folds easily for storage.  The folding balance beam is also very portable making it convenient to take on vacations, to grandma's house or a friends house to practice on.  The folding balance beam is also very easy on the budget.

Low Balance Beam
Low balance beam is best suited for beginner to intermediate level gymnast.  The low balance beam is available in 6-8 inches heights. This is a great beginner beam or starter beam.

High Balance Beam
High balance beams come in several heights ranging from 8" to 24".  Most legs are a fixed height.  However, some stores carry an adjustable balance beam.  This allows you to raise or lower the height of the balance beam according to your skill. The high balance beam gives the gymnast the true sense of height when perfecting their skills

Balance Beam Dimensions
Balance beam length can range from 6 ft to 12 ft.  The most common length for a balance beam is 8ft.
The width of the balance beam is the standard 4 inches. The heights of the balance beam for the home can vary anywhere from 7 inches to 24 inches off the ground.

Balance Beam Coverings
Commercial Suede is the most common covering for the balance beam.  The reason it is popular is that it is not slippery as compared to a leather or vinyl covering.

Balance Beam Legs
Balance Beam are made of heavy gauge steel and come in fixed heights of 6 to 24 inches.  You can also purchase adjustable beam legs that you can adjust to the various heights. 

Cost of the Balance Beam
The cost of the balance beam will vary according to the height of the beam.  You can purchase a folding beam from $60 to $129.  Low beams are priced around $139 to $179.  High Balance beams will range from $200-$400.  
How to Buy a Balance Beam
Consider the level of gymnasts and what balance beam height is suitable.  Look at Product Reviews.  For best prices shop directly with an online store and compare prices.  Gymnastics Bars & Beams has the best prices around and the gets the best reviews.  Happy Shopping!


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