Purchasing a Gymnastics Bar - 3 Things to Look For

How to Purchase a Gymnastics Bar and What to Look For

If you are confused and don't know which gymnastics bar to choose. You are not alone.  Here is a guide to help with that purchase.
  1.  Extensions are the most important thing to look for when purchasing a gymnastics bar for home.  What are extensions?  Extensions on gymnastics bars for kids are an additional 4 ft added to the base of the bar to achieve maximum stability and safety for your gymnast.  Gymnastics Bars are usually sold without extensions and are less expensive bars.  However, extensions can be offered as an add-on option. There are only a few dealers that include extensions with their gymnastics training bar.
  2. Gymnast weight limit is the 2nd thing to look for.  Most bars support gymnasts weight weighing up to 60 lbs and possibly 70 lbs with extensions.  The more stable bar, however, supports gymnasts' weights up to 140-150 lbs. You must consider your gymnast weight prior to purchasing gymnastics bars.  This is also a very important consideration when choosing your gymnastics equipment.
  3. Gymnast Skill Level is the 3rd consideration when purchasing gymnastics bars.  The more skilled your gymnasts, the better bar you will need.  Most bars are good for levels 1-3.  Gymnastics Bars & Beams LLC has a gymnastics bar that is good for levels 1-6 and includes extensions and supports gymnasts weight up to 140 lbs.
Have fun shopping!


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